Thanks to a scholarship Ngijung lives and studies in Kahndbari. The short film tells the story of Ngijung’s return to the village to visit his newborn little sister and to help the volunteers of an NGO to rebuild the village school.

The education of new generations, especially of women, plays a fundamental role in helping Nepal to develop. The hope is that girls like Ngijung always keep their “roots” in mind and that, after studying away from their villages, they can then return to bring about a positive social and mental change. As an ancient Nepalese saying goes: “no matter how high a tree can grow, its leaves will always go back to its roots when they fall”.

Director – Niccolò Aiazzi
Editing – Dario Lotti
Soundmix / Color Grading – VMD
Post-Production – VIDEOMEGADRIVE
Production – Cuore Attivo Monterosa


Climate change and endangered glaciers raise new questions also and above all in those who, like Michele Cucchi, mountain guide and rescuer, known as “Lungo”, have always lived the mountains as passion and work. In a rapidly changing world, the challenge today is no longer to conquer new summits but to think and develop environmental and humanitarian projects that help the conservation of an increasingly fragile ecosystem and help those who live in the mountains. Not to mention that the retreat of the glaciers is bringing to light not only the traces of our passage but also the bodies of those who have never returned home from those places. First in the Karakorum, following an environmental education program with Agostino Da Polenza, then in Zermatt, together with the glaciologist Michele Freppaz and the anthropologist Elisabetta Dall’O and with the help of the CEO and pilot of Air Zermatt Gerold Biner and the “historical memory of Zermatt” , the former rescuer and mountain guide Bruno Jelk, Cucchi is always moved by the desire to enhance the memory and protection of these fragile environments. Up to the ends of the world, in the Nepalese village of Chepwa, a place as intact as it is primitive, where Michele supports the local population in managing the growing problem of waste never really faced. Always keeping in mind one question: despite our greater environmental awareness, the solutions we are adopting perhaps are they just “a lesser evil”?

Director – Niccolò Aiazzi
Editing – Samir Samperisi
Post-Production – VMD
Production – SRG – SSR