In the heart of the Indian Himalayas, just beyond the source of the Gange, there is the Bhagirathi mountain range. Here, a cliff of more than 1.000 mt still untouched, the west of the Bhagirathi IV, the lower mountain (in its 6.193 mt) but apparently the most difficult of the four, is the focus of three young Italian climbers for Summer 2015.
The game, the opening of a new route in an unusual and unpredictable environment, requires strategy and commitment, motivation and teamwork. In a very suggestive place, Giga and Luchino show their cards and, attempt after attempt, they compare one with the other and tell us, directly from the field, their own experience.

Director – Arianna Colliard
Post-production – VIDEOMEGADRIVE
Production – Iceberg Film ©2016